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I can't get enough of being surprised by foreign trade ...

Making checklists is an already widespread way to mitigate risks and avoid future problems in everything in life, starting with market purchase. But how to have a checklist for operations as complex and dynamic as those of foreign trade?

I use to be the type who does mental checklists, it worked well when I was managing less operations. If you are lucky, your first operations will be quite repetitive and predictable, even more so if the countries are always the same. But add to that equation: Countries on other continents, new international suppliers and a pandemic! The possibilities for problems are multiplied by a thousand!

After 11 years in this area, I have just experienced 2 unprecedented problems, the result of the new operations that I have carried out, risking myself more and more in the world of possibilities that FOREING TRADE brings. So I would like to share this knowledge with you and maybe also get some information back to improve my checklist. 😊

What do I check when I receive a purchase order from abroad (EXPORT):

Checklist export sales
Download PDF • 852KB

What do I check when I send a purchase order to a foreign company (IMPORT):

Checklist import sales
Download PDF • 852KB

Ps. The choice of serious and experienced professionals to assist in foreign trade processes is essential for the success of the operation. So ask for directions, do small operations with new agents, know at least part of the process to be able to check the work and compare prices. I've had a serious problem with quite large companies, so not always the most famous one will be a good option.

Make the distinction between a freight forwarder and a foreign trade professional. If you are starting to export / import, you will need both. SC Vitola works as an outsourced export department, and can assist you in your process’s management.

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