SC Vitola is a dynamic and modern foreign trade services company, which believes in strategic alliances as a way to enhance the growth of companies and people, by boosting international trade, especially in health products.


The company, based in Araraquara-SP, Brazil, was created with the objective of modernizing and making the working relationships of foreign trade agents more flexible, bringing more opportunities for those who manufacture, greater gains for those who sell, better service and variety for those who buy.


The company brings together in its team of partners and representatives, professionals who work in foreign trade from different parts of the globe for decades, always in the health area.


Our group is always aware to opportunities, connecting sellers and buyers with agility, and together we consolidate contacts in the main countries of the American continent, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Export and growing

Is our slogan

Our Mission

Drive the growth of competent companies, expanding their ability to interact with customers around the world, providing expansion of their international business.

Our Porpose

Create a world of possibilities for those who want to grow!

Our Values

Trust, commitment, efficiency and flexibility.

Keila Vitola Druzian


Foreign trade professional for over 10 years in the market, she is the coordinator of this group of young and dynamic professionals who seek to foster international trade in the health area in an efficient and transparent manner.

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Meet our team

Keila Vitola Druzian

Area manager

Latin America and Africa

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Economist graduated from UNESP with MBA in International Business from FGV, with consolidated experience in foreign trade specifically on health products. Technician in Sterilization by AESCULAP ​​foundation.

Birkin Tang


Product specialist

Sterilization line.

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MBA in Medical Marketing and Customer Support, for 10 years export manager for a major manufacturer of sterilization products and equipment, speaker at major sterilization congresses in the world.

PhD. Ana Carolina Nazaré


Product specialist

Scientific and laboratory product line.

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Pharmaceutical-Biochemist, MSc. in Biosciences and Biotechnology applied to the Pharmacy and PhD. in Chemistry - practice area Natural Product Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry both from UNESP.


Partnership with FSE International

Keila Vitola

Area Manager

South and Central America


  FSE is an integrator of Franco-Belgian origin, specializing in health equipment projects, whether human or animal.

The company has extensive experience in African and mainly French-speaking countries, with over 20 years of experience in turnkey projects that reach the American continent under the responsibility of SC Vitola.

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