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The services offered by SC Vitola aim to meet the needs of industrial entrepreneurs in expanding their markets, making them less dependent on the national market, in addition to connecting them to the globalized and immediate world we live in.

Our services serve companies at different levels of maturity in terms of internationalization of their activities. The works developed by SC Vitola provide a win-win relationship, in which the entrepreneur's fixed costs are converted into variables, allowing it to be possible to choose what, how and when to adapt the company and the product to each market, with clarity on costs of each activity.

Benefits of services provided by SC Vitola
● Acceleration of the adaptation process
● Reduced operating costs
● Experienced team
● Payment for services on demand
● Business enhancement
● Market prospecting
● Status "Gold Standard"
●Interaction between customers from different countries through language intermediation


Expand your business

export is grow


Preparing your company to export

The objective of SC Vitola consultancies is for Brazilian manufacturers to be ready to respond to requests made by foreign companies. Our consultancy includes:

  • Complete documentary, operational and administrative adequacy, and translation of commercial material (catalogs, website, manuals, price list, and templates) and guidance on technical material.

  • Creation of fillable templates for main foreign trade documents

  • Assistance with registration on the necessary portals and competent authorities

  • Creation of a documented procedure for the export operation

  • Individual training of the entire team involved in the project

International marketing

Reaching new markets

Companies from all over the world can count on SC Vitola to expand their markets in Brazil, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. We offer in-person and remote prospecting services.

  • Participation in fairs and events in the area of human and animal health (hospital, clinic, laboratory and dental)

  • E-mail marketing on a platform specialized in sending mass emails and with more than 1 thousand validated contacts in the proposed regions.

  • Specialized ads in partnership with major healthcare platforms

  • Strategic planning for internationalization

Export Services

Your specialized export department

Companies based in Brazil rely on SC Vitola's export services. A company that exports is more independent andin relation to fluctuations in its own market and has the advantage of expanding its consumer market. Other benefits for those who export are gaining status as a "gold standard" for the domestic market and improving cash flow, due to transactions taking place in dollars and in advance.

  • Creation of models for main export documents;

  • ​Guidance for registrations and registrations with the competent authorities;

  • Preparation of technical/regulatory dossier, letters and commercial statements;

  • Preparation of export dossiers (commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate, DUE monitoring and transport bill – AWB/BL/CRT);

Marketng intenacional

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