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Partnership with FSE International

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Keila Vitola

Area responsible

South and Central America

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The integrator's role in the processes of import and export of goods is essential for the success of the work. The integrator consolidates projects ranging from financing, construction, equipment, installation and logistical and technical services, which allows all strategic decisions to be taken so that the solution offered is in accordance with the specificities of each client.

Thus, SC Vitola and the integrator FSE Group, of Franco-Belgian origin and specialized in equipment projects in the healthcare area, work in partnership.

And this union with FSE allows SC Vitola to act as a facilitator in the relationship  between equipment suppliers and local distributors, in order to track new projects in their countries and execute them throughout South and Central America.

About FSE International Group


Specializing in health equipment projects, whether human or animal, the company has extensive experience in African countries and especially  Francophones. It has been operating for over 20 years with turnkey projects that reach the American continent under the responsibility of SC Vitola.


Partnership with

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Since October 2022, SC Vitola has played a leading role in providing foreign trade advice to a group of CIESP Araraquara members. During this time, various issues have been addressed, such as adapting technical and commercial material for the international market, defining client profiles, prospecting and negotiation strategies, drawing up commercial invoices and obtaining certifications.



CIESP, founded in 1928, is a non-profit civil entity that brings together industrial companies, their parent companies, associations related to the productive sector and companies engaged in activities directly linked to the interests of Industry. With its headquarters in the capital and representation in various regions of the state of São Paulo, through its 42 Regional, Municipal and District Directorates, CIESP is a robust structure supporting approximately 10,000 member companies.


The focus of CIESP's actions is on defending the general interests of industry and its members. Issues pertinent to the productive sector are thoroughly studied, discussed and presented to the federal, state and municipal authorities in search of appropriate solutions and support.

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