Laminar Air flow Cabinets

Vertical and horizontal laminar flow cabins. PCR, animal transfer and shackle handling booths. Class I and II safety cabinets with variations A1, A2 B1 and B2.

Work booths and exhaust hoods.


Centrifuges for different purpose of Ugaiya brand. Our centrifuges can be purchased for laboratory use for low and high speed clinical analysis, research and quality, digital panels and temperature control.

Freezers and refrigerators

Scientific refrigerators and freezers for medical - hospital, laboratory and pharmaceutical fields. With advanced solutions for low and ultra low temperatures reaching -86ºC.

Rapid test for chemical concentration

Serim test strips are based on Dry Reagent technology, in which the reagents required for analysis are combined in indicator blocks. They replace colorimetric, complex and heavy wet chemistry assays with several steps.