Washing equipment, cleaning, thermo disinfection and other modern, technological and safe solutions to the problems faced daily in hospitals.

Hospital Sealers

Combining the simple with the modern, SC Vitola and Ugaiya sealers are reliable, easy to maintain and have different options to meet all healthcare needs, whether for hospitals, medical clinics or dentistry.


Complete line for comprehensive cleaning, low, medium and high level disinfection and surface sterilization products.
Special line for cleaning and sterilization of instruments and internal cleaning of autoclaves.

Sterilization Consumables

Complete line of consumables:
Packaging, tests and indicators, baskets, brushes, holders and accessories, among others.

Furniture and support devices

To complete the CSSD line, we offer stainless steel furniture specially developed for this department.
A complete line to suit all CSSD needs.


Traceability Systems

Traceability system with RFID or QR code technology and bar code for CSSD record generation and higher productivity.